Vietnamese resturant

There is a new vietnamese resturant opened close to work. It is a branch of another famous vietnamese resturant in richmond. The quality of food there is really good. Its menu has some special dishes not found in other vietnamese places. It has became one of our most favourate place to have lunch. There is another old vietnamese resturant close to work. The food there is so-and-so. Since we had no other choice, we used to go there from time to time. After trying the new resturant, I am very sure we won’t go back to the old resturant ever. I wonder long the old resturant can last before it has to close its doors. In the food business, cuisine price and food quality are the key differtial factor. If price is the same but quality difference, the result would be is a winner takes all effect. Even the better resturant has no seats, we still won’t go to the lesser resturant. We will simpily pick another cuisine. If the resturant is targetting repeat customers, having the quality to price ratio is very important.