Today I went to a wedding in CMCC and to my surpise, I found the homily of Fr. Chiu, the priest of CMCC, is not too bad afterall. In all the weddings in CMCC I went, Fr. Chiu always give the same boring canned homily about marriage and love. Today’s wedding couple is very active in CMCC and Fr. Chiu knows them very well in person. Therefore the homily adds a lot of personal touch and stories directly related to the couples and us, the guests. Too bad that Fr. Chiu falls back to his pre-packaged message on the second half of the speech, but overall the homily is well delivered. That reminds me what I had learnt in Toastmaster. A homily is essentially a speech try to get a message across the audience, either informative or inspiration. Therefore a good homily has to meet the critia of a good speech, relating to the audience is one of the key elements. I think Fr. Chiu should join Toastmasters as his homily doesn’t improve much over the years. Someone once said, practice doesn’t make perfect, only make it permanent. Fr. Chiu is a very good example.