Finally after procastinated for 2 months, I can no longer stand the dust accumlated in my place. This morning I took the time to completely clean my place, dust the place, vacuum the carpet, swiper the floor and brush the tiolet. I think no one would prefer messy to tidy, dirty to clean. It is just that we are all lazy to do house work. I alwasys keep my place tidy, that doesn’t require much work. However, cleaning is a different story. You don’t want to do house work when the temperature is sweating hot or when you are busy. Now I feeling so good that now my place is really clean. I think it can last for at least a month before I can’t tolerate the layers of dust. If I am an interior designer, I would design a house minimize the effort required to do the cleaning. There is no open shelves, everything is nicely put behind glass doors or inside cabinates. The furnitures has to be desinged in a way that the vacuum cleaner can easily all the floor surface. Nay, what the heck, maybe we should just invent robot house maid to do all the cleaning works.