Last time I picked up my golf clubs was almost a year ago. Today, I went to driving range with colleagues in the lunch hour. We greped hot dogs for a quick lunch and pratice a bucket of golf balls. One of the colleague is new to golf, so the other colleague who has more experience became his golf instructor. I learnt golf a few years ago, but my swing is pretty bad due to lack of practice. I was watching their golf lecture. I found that there are lots of things one have to take care of in a golf swing. From how to holding club, where to stand, coordinate the body movement, do the follow through. I think all those technically details of a good golf swing is not as important as having the right state of mind. Golf swing is something very zen. You can only make a perfect swing if you have peace in your mind. The more you want to hit the ball, the worse your swing will be. Just relax, let your body guide your swing naturally. In today’s session, I hit a few balls straight over 200 yards with 3 wood. However, my problem is lack of consistency. The balls just flew different directions most of the time. I want to pick up golf lessons again. Be a decent golf player is one of my goal.