Holy car

My volvo has just became a holy car. Tonight we had dinner with some church friends, including Fr. Ho who is newly ordinated priest. I gave a ride to Fr. Ho from our friend’s new apartment to the resturant. Fr. Ho had just finished blessing our friend’s new place and I joked can he blessed my car as well. To my surprise, there is actually a ritual of car blessing. Fr. Ho took out his ritual book, look up the car blessing prayer and then blessed my car. The ritual finished with spinking holy water to my car that Fr. Ho somehow carry a small bottle of holy water in his pocket. Now my car is holified and it should be much safer. I asked many interesting questions about Fr. Ho’s priesthood life in the dinner. I think being a priest is really a though job. Weekend is the busiest days of the week, he has to host several masses. On weekdays, he has to visit elderly house, hospital, school, and help out church events. Even on his day off, he still have to act like a priest in front of his friends. I can never understand why someone would scrafice so much to live a religious life. However, I am glad that someone actually willing to be one or the church will have no priest.