Manager meat ball

This is a rumour at work about an unpopular manager becomes a meat ball. This guy is probably the worst manager in the company. He is mean, pressure his sub-ordinates hard and worst of all he never gives credits to those work under him. The division this manager belongs to is closing down, no new project in the pipeline. The executives try to place him into other divisions. Apparently no team wants him to be their boss so every project team rejected his placement. He has become a human meat ball bouncing between divisions. I heard that the upper management decided to let go of him. If he couldn’t find a place to take him in a few months, he will be layoffed. When we heard this rumour, a girl in my team cheered with joy. She suffered under his management and now it is the pay back time. As a manager, you can’t make everyone likes you, but at least don’t make everyone hates you. You may look good in front of your boss by sacrificing the people down below. But you have to remeber what goes around comes around. Rule with an iron grip may work for a while but eventually it will back fire and burn yourself.