TTF friends

Tonight I went out to have dinner with friends in the TTF forum. One of them is visiting Vancouver from LA, so we have a small group of five people come out to meet each other. I discuss various issuses (a.k.a. blow water) with them in the forum for a long time but it is the first time meeting some of them. I heard the group in HK come out regularly and many become close friends. I am surprise to see friendship first start in the internet and flourish in real life. The TTF forum is not just a website, it is a community. People go there for various reason, some just hang around and leave, but many more choose to stay, make it their home in the cyber world. I become part of this community and accustom the people there. This kind of community services absolute no purpose except a group of bored people get together to have fun. Although it may sound quite unproductive, but I think the sense of belong is one of the key that attracts people.