Tales of two BBQ

Today I have BBQ for lunch and BBQ for dinner. The tenant of our office building has the annual BBQ today at lunch. We are not informed until yesterday, or we would not schedule BBQ party of our project in the same day. The whole team get off work early in the afternoon and head to the Jericho Bleach to have fun. I bought my kites. We were able to get the big areo-dynamic kite up really high, used up a kilometer of ropes. The smaller diamond kite is no luck, we were running back and forth on the beach, but still couldn’t get it to fly. I played frisbee with other team members and some others played beach vollyball. The whole team came to the BBQ party. We didn’t talk about work related issues, we just come to eat, chat and have lots of fun. I can feel sincerity among the team members, we treat each other as friends we would like to hang out with. Unlike the so-call team building exercise in the other department, which try to glue the team together artifically with some team building exercise. The problem of having two BBQ in one day is that now I can feel the “hot gas” in my thoart. I am afraid I will lose my voice tomorrow.