Passion for toys

This afternoon I had a good time with Kenny touring toy shops in Richmond. He is one of my friends whom I known in the most weird place. I met him in arcade and somehow became good friends, probably due to our love towards toys and anime. Well, he is more otaku than me. At least I don’t play japanese games nor self learn japanese just for ACG. We collect different toy series. He like super robot, saint saiya and I like military style mecha. Gundam is the common language between us. He is probably the only person I know in real life knows more about Gundam than myself. It is always a pleasant to see him. We can just talk about toys, anime and games for hours. Everytime he will show me Japanese hobbies magainzes. I already read the highlights from online scan, but it is a different kind of joy to read it on paper. We can even talk about each picture in details. I wonder how long we will continue be toy lovers. I guess I will keep collecting toy as a hobby financially permits. Toys defintely make nice display pieces. Unlike old fashion collection items just lay still, toys can be arranged to different poses. Unlike collection items only for decoration, toys have deep sub-culture background.