P.Eng practice exam

I recieved the result for my P.Eng practice exam. I passed. The biggest hurdle to acqure my professional status is behind me. The remaining tasks are only paper work. All I have to do is kindly remind my boss to send out the reference letter then wait for the association review my application. Before I receive the letter from APEG, I was a bit nervous about my exam result. The questions are quite tricky and I have many uncertain answers. After I known the result, suddenly my attitude towards the exam changed 180 degrees. I found that it is actually quite easy. I have only spent two weekends studied for it after all. Probably me and another friend at work becoming a P.Eng inspired a few people. I know 3 friends applied for the up coming exam in fall. They studied much harder than me. They already start preparing the exam and reading the textbook now. I think they would have a higher confidence in the exam after hearing my sucessful stories. I heard that to be a chartered engineer in HK has more requirement than becoming a P.Eng in Canada. I havn’t read the details of the transfer system between engineering societies in different countries. I hope I can transfer my engineer title back to HK if necessary.