Civil wedding

This is the first time I went to a civil wedding. I have always went to church weddings in the past. Today it is the big day of Alfred and Jeannet. They have the wedding ceremony held in VanDusen Garden. They had setup a hugh white tent in the middle of the field, surrounded by trees and flower from all over the world. The ceremony is hosted by a lay wedding minster instead of a priest. Apparently the minster is not very professional, he forgot the bride’s name. The ceremony is really short, only the entering, exchange of vows, signing the paper and exiting. There is no boring preaching nor choir singing. The couple hired a trio band to perform some live background music, mostly romantic classics songs. In all the wedding ceremony I went, I like the Catholic ceremony most, followed by the civil ceremony and least like the protestant ceremony. The civil ceremony is very efficient but lacks the charm of a religious atomsphere. It is just too plain. The protestant ceremony usually turns into a personal talk show of the priest. The focus of the ceremony should remain in the wedding couple. The Catholic ceremony just has the right dose of every element to make a perfect wedding. However, I do agree that have the ceremony in a botanical garden or on the beach side wedding is definitely better than having inside a church, unless the church is a romantic ancient cathedral.