New web server

Finally I start the migration to the new web server. I have bought the new linux box for a few months and it has been sitting idle most of the time. I only use it for the FTP server and backup data in my Windows machine. I could have waited a couple more month and get a faster machine with a lower price. The old linux box is slow but still usable. I procastinate the migration for so long is because it is not broken, why fix it. However, I fully awarely of continous improvement is the only way to greatness. Now once I had kick started the web server, any incremental update would be more easier. I hope to use it as a platform to learn some latest computer technology, especially in programming. It is very unlikely I would use the hand on knowledge I learnt in setting up a web server at work. But I have a feeling gain some real experience in server would help my carreer in a long run.

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