I read two innovative idea on the news today. The first one is an automatic side mirror. The side mirror will tilt inward to cover the blind spot when the driver put on the turning signal. It will tilt downward in reverse gear to check the side curb when parallel park. The second idea is a chopping board with integrated scale. These two innovation are relatively low-tech, just put together existing ideas. However it is the creativitly behind the innovation inspire me. I think invent some part useful, but not totally useless thing is not very hard. There are many inconvinience in daily life waiting to be overcome. I already thought about an idea, self fold sleeping bag. It is always very troublesome putting the sleeping back into its bag. Many people have flash of interesting idea, but most of them never bother to spend time to make it happens. Most of innovation doesn’t justify the cost of production nor even the cost of development. Only a few great ideas flourish and become the new big hit. The problem most of the time, you can’t tell which idea will fly, which one will bomb. I want to be an inventor too but too lazy to spend time in making invention.

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