Waterloo Co-op

Every 4 months, there are new co-ops come to the company to be our cheap labour in the name of gaining real life work experience.? Today I met a few co-op from Waterloo in the game room.? The company had stopped hiring co-op for a few years and in the past year they mostly hire from UBC and SFU.? So I am surprise to see the co-op students from from Waterloo this term.? It is always interesting talking to younger schoolmates.? You will be surprise by what had changed and what stay the same.? I can’t imagine the over-weight professors who drink 1L of Coca-Cola every lecture managed to lose some weight.? I can’t explain the mysterous connection shared by those who to the same school.? Alumni sure has some common topics but that only limit to the school and will exhaused very soon.? Yet, I always find I have a natural tendency want to get closer to the graduated from La Salle and Waterloo Engineering.? I think the education one recieved in school really shape ones character.? Each school has its unique traditionals, thus the students all have the same suble traits in their character.? These small traits become the building blocks in alumni bonding.? However, this bonding only appears on those who had a good experience in school.? Those who dislike the school would eject the traits and won’t feel the sense of belonging among the alumni.? Just like I don’t have the same enthusiasm towards people from Appleby College, where I spent two unhappy years.

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