New mouse

My old Microsoft optical mouse is officially retired.? I bought a new Microsoft laser mouse 6000, top of the line model.? I have been a loyal Microsoft hardware user.? I am so accustomed to my natural keyboard and mouse.? I don’t even consider getting another brand.? Actually there are not many options out there for quality input devices, either Microsoft or Logitech.? The new mouse has better precision than the one mouse, the feel of button click and the scroll wheel is more solid.? It has exactly the same feature as my old mouse.? It is very hard for me to find top of the line mouse being a left hand mouse user.? I am not a left hander, but mainly due to historical reason.? I only had space on the left hand side of my very first computer for the mouse.? One advantage of using mouse by left hand is that I can write and operate the computer at the same time.? I have another advantage playing first person shooting games, since it is more natural to use the keypad than the alphabet keys.? Although I have to customize the key setting.? Since I am a right hander, I don’t have any trouble using mouse with my right hand if I have to.? Somehow mouse manufacturors always neglect the left hander market.? Almost all ergonomic mouses are taylored for right hand, so I can only use symmeteric mouse.? The best mouse in the market is Logitech MX Revolution.? If Logitech make a left hand version of it, I will ditch Microsoft without second thought.? One thing really puzzles me, how come most of my left hander friends using mouse by their right hand?? I should start promoting using mouse by left hand.? If we can get enought momentum, maybe the manufacturor will serve this niche market.

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