Boyfriend Criteria

Tonight I had dinner with Pat’s best friend’s dad and brother who are visiting Vancouver.? Since they have to exchange birthday present, it is the trouble of sending in mail.? It is interesting that they have the same birthday.? In the dinner, the dad had drank too much wine and start complaining her daughter cannot find any boy friends.? As fas as I know her, she is always single.? One of her problem is her standard is too hard.? She want guys who is smart, rich, handsome and most important he has to be better than her, .? These kind of good guys are limited in supply, as herself is quite capable.? She is had an undergrad degree and now studying law.? Her dad joke that the tuition of law school would really worth the money if she can fish a lawyer-to-be husband.? I have always wanted to introduce my two single friends at work to her.? My friends are quite decent, no bad hobbies, good income, just maybe a bit geeky.? Pat has striked down the idea saying her friend won’t like them.? I think her friend is just too picky.? It is a common delimma for capable single girls.? Regardless of their own appearance, it seems all of them want to find good quality guys.? It seems good quality guys usually avoid those girls since they are just too demanding.? The desire of the good quality guys doesn’t match the desire of single capble girls.? Why can’t single girls simply accept the reality and lower their standard of boyfriend criteria?

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  1. well… as she get closer to 30, she’ll realize the reality and maybe lowering her standard a bit. I think her “problem” is she hasn’t met one who make her eyes sparkle. If she has met the “sparkle” guy, then all her bf theory maybe invalid. But still, to make her eyes sparkle, that guy must still be rich, handsome and successful. 😛

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