Picoo Z

[thumb:1841:l] My long waited remote control mini helicopter finally arrived. It is very small and light, built for indoor use. It can’t even stand the most gentle breeze outside. I had my first test flight in a large meeting room at work. The helicopter is very hard to control. If I give too much thottle, it will hit the ceiling. If I don’t give it enough power, it drops like a stone. Keeping it hovering in the air is hard enough. Making it move forward is even harder. The steering control of the helicopter is very sensitive. It will start flying in circle if I over control the helicopter. It is hard to aim it to the direction you want it to go. It is fun flying, although I can barely control the helicopter and it crashes every 15 seconds. The only draw back is the charging time. It takes 20 minutes to charge up the capactor in the helicopter and it conly fly 5 minutes. I just can’t wait to take off the helicopter. Before I received it, I would except the control is very complicate, since there are many degress of movement in a helicopter. To my surprise the control is very simple, very much like one for a remote control car. Here is the picture of my Picoo Z and a video from youtube of someone else’s Picoo Z in action.

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