Today a friend asked me whether blogging is an addiction and can I stop blogging for a few months. Actually, the answer is a quite simple. I am not addicted to blogging and I would like to stop writing. Sometimes, I find writing a blog every day is a very demanding exercise for my mind. Especially on a slow day that nothing interesting happens. I keep writing is not for personal enjoyment, nor try to update my friends what happens around me. Most of my daily life is just being a dull engineer that no one will have much interest. Rather I want to improve my writing and thinking skill through this daily painful writing excerise. I have read many excellent columnist on newspaper as well as a few influential bloggers. I am inspired to be one of them some day. The only problem is I know my writing is sub-par. Occassonally, I have some weird thoughts that may be thought provoking. I have a few usual jokes, but Pat seems already heard all of my tricks. The most used ones are gay jokes, and guy-thing vs girl-thing. Other than that, I can’t think of any selling points of my blog. Anyways, pratice and more pratice is the only way to improve my writing.? Writing this blog also force me to be observative during the day to gather ideas for my writing.? So, dear readers, please be patient with the mundane writing of your correspodence. Hope you will see the quality of this blog improve over time.

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