Federation vs ZAFT Seed Destiny

I have been a long time fans of the Gundam vs arcade game. I have played since the first generation based on the One Year War. I followed almost every generation, DX, Z Gundam, Z Dx, Seed and the latest one Seed Destiny. I would say I am an above average player of this game. In solo mode, I can go up to phase 6. I am able go all the way to the final phase if my partner is stronger than me. At least my skill is good enough so that I won’t be his burden. I am so happy that I finally finished this game for the first time. There are lots tricks to learn in this game. The rule of thumb is don’t attack first, wait for the enemy make a mistake then attack. There are over 50 gundams you can choose in the game. Here are my favourate picks: Large MS: Strike Freedom, Medium MS: Strike Launcher, Strike Noir, Force Impluse, Small MS: M1 Astray. Occationally I use some other MS just for fun. However, I perform the best selecting these MS. I am praticing how to connect shots for maximium damage. I am not very fond of close combat, it is too dangerous. I perfer sniping the enemy from medium to long range. I rather play safe, take my time and kill the enemy MS one shot at a time.

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