Umai Sushikan

I treated Verona a nice sushi dinner tonight because my P.Eng application.? At first she lent me her textbook and study notes for the P.Eng practice exam, after some bargaining, I promised to treat her sushi if I passed the exam.? Later on, I found out APEG lost the reference from my professor.? Since my professor is really hard to find, I switched my reference to Verona and upgrade the sushi dinner.? She heard about this resturant in Aderdeen Center from her family friends.? Apparently, it has the coldest refrigerator in Vancouver, so it’s sushi must be top quality.? Actually it is a large sushi franchise in Japan, and this is their first oversea shops.? The fish is very fresh, but the portion is a bit too small.? We tried a few not very common fishes, kobe beef and uni seaweed roll.? The decoration of dishes looks really nice, too bad that we forgot to take pictures before we eat, we were just too hungry.? Verona told Pat about her stories of 200 balloons, got picked up in German and her dual professional qualification.? Pat find it quite funny, but I am a bit bored.? I have already heard those stories.? Somehow I am amazed Verona repeat the stories like playing tape recording, it is exactly the same as the version I heard.? Usually when I tell stories, the stories get improved over time.? The more times I tell the same story, it is more exciting and funny.? It may drift further away from what really happened though.

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