I have to make a disclaimer. I didn’t spread any rumours about Verona and her new potential date-to-be and I am not the one driving her so mad that she consider locking up her blog. The story begin yesterday lunch, me, Ray Woo, Jackson and Verona went to have lunch. Verona blog about her new date last week but didn’t mention any names. In the lunch, we were making fun of her new potential date-to-be. Me and Raymond make some harmless jokes, but some one spreads a rumour about who is the guy. He phased it as a riddle, but I couldn’t guess it right. Not because I am not smart enough, but because the answer is some guy I know of and I don’t think is him. Anyways, last night Verona is really upset and write in her blog someone is not respectful. I message Verona and apologized thought she is upset for my jokes in the afternoon. She explained to me that my joke is so obviously ridiculous that it is harmless and tell me the answer of Jackson’s riddle. Then I found out today Lesile, a good friend of Verona, called her and asked what happened. He thought I did it too. That’s why I ask Verona to state in her blog that I am innoncent. I guess I know I sometimes make the jokes too far that become offensive. Not only the third party think I did it, I myself think I did it too. The only difference is that I didn’t do it intentionally, I would apologize and admit my wrong doing. Not like someone that he don’t even care that he had offenced people. To make it worse, he keep making more fun out of the poor victim’s psychological suffering.

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