Free printer is not free

Normally I do most of my printing at work.? Today is one of the special occassions I have to print something at home.? Unfortunately, I just found out my printer is out of ink.? It is a free printer come with my Dell laptop.? I don’t expect the trial ink cartridge would use up so soon.? It could be the a misfunction of the cartridge.? Anyways, I check out the price of replacement cartridge from the web.? A set of original colour and black cartridge costs $60 with shipping, the cloned version costs $40.? That is almost as expensive as buying a new printer.? I decided to write off the free printer since its print quality quite poor to begin with.? With luck, I saw a decent HP laser printer on sales this week at Futureshop, it costs only $90!? I drove there at once and take it home.? So far, I have absolutely no complain about my new printer.? Many years ago I used to have a HP deskjet 500, the first generation ink jet printer.? This trusty printer is so reliable that it has accompanied for me almost 10 years.? It survived three upgraded of my computer and travelled half the globle form HK to Canada.? If my new laserjet doesn’t disappoint me, I will be a loyal customer for HP printers.

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