Taste of reading

Someone made a comment about my taste of reading.? He asked how come I am interested in reading differcult books loaded with tons of theories.? He said he would fall asleep reading those boring books, especially if the book is in English.? He wants to know my seceret.? I guess reading those differcult books is just part of my reading habit.? A few years ago, I still used to read novels for entaining purpose.? Accustomed to novels makes you not scare of wordy pages.? I out grown popular novels without much substance and move into novels with some intellectual values.? Then my otaku spirit gots me interested in know the big differcult terms used by the authors.? So I start reading some introductory books on that specific subject.? Most of time, that would satisful my curiosity for knowledge.? However, there are a few subjects I am highly interested in and start reading original theory wanting to know more.? The reading appetite for differcult books has to nurture small steps at a time.? Start with familiar the vocabulary, then have the basic concepts of the ideas and slowly move towards the more differcult theories.? For example: Someone read Da Vinci’s Code and fascinated by the history of early church.? Then he read some introductory materials about the early church, understand the difference between the competing christian sects.? Then he may find he agree with the Arianism version of Jesus more than the mainstream christianity version of jesus.? Then he can read more on theology about Jesus, the political struggle between orthodox and heretic, etc.? At this stage, he is already reading some very differcult academic books with in depth knowledge.? It can all be started from a popular fiction, as long as your are curious.

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