Nature of love

Here is an abrigded version of my speech for tomorrow’s toastmaster on folktale story telling. This is a story from Plato’s Symposium about the nature of love. Once upon a time, human has very different nature from what we are today. People’s body are in sphere shape. Each person has 4 legs, 4 arms, two faces on a round neck facing the opposite direction on one head, 4 eyes, 4 ears and so on. People were strong in physical strength and will. They are full of ambitious, dare to attack the gods, trying to force their ascend into heaven. Zeus, gather all the gods in Mt. Olyumpus to dicuss the appriopiate action. They don’t want to eliminate humans like the gaints, as it would also eliminate the honours and scarfice human offer to the gods. At the end of a lengthy dicussion, they come up with a cunning plan. The will split human into two halves. Each half would be much weaker and this plan also profitable to the gods, since it will double the number of people. Zeus slice the mortals into two like cutting an apple or boiled egg. He ordered Apollo to rotate the face of the new persson facing the wound, so they will remember not to rebel against gods in the future. He ordered Venus to heal the open wound. She tied the edge of the wounds together and that becomes our belly button. Now, each person is only half of a whole man. We will constantly seeking out for our missing half. Once we find the other half, we will melt together like one and never seperate again. The desire and pursuit to beomce a complete person is the true nature of love.

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  1. Horace, are you implying that people are all in love with themselves; or homosexuality is the mainstream afterall?

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