Relaxing yet stressful weekend

This weekend is very relaxing and stressful to me at the same time.? I stay home for most of the weekend, except last night I attend a birthday party.? We had fun playing pokers.? I must admit that my poker skill is really rusty from lack of playing.? As a result, I am the loser in the game.? I have two logical options: 1.) admit I sucks in poker and give up the game all together or 2.) pratice more to improve my poker skill.? I havn’t make up my mind what I should do with poker.? Today I stays at Pat’s place for the whole day.? Pat cooked lunch and dinner for me at home.? It is quite relaxing for not having to go out.? I spent the whole day catching up with some over dued tasks, which are very stressful.? I watched lots of TV during my long breaks between works too.? I havn’t watch that much chinese TV for a while.? I wish I could be more focus on my tasks and finish them earlier.? However I find it hard to concentrate for longer than an hour.? After I accomplished some milestones, I have to take a break to refresh my mind.? I guess there is a theorical limit of workload a brain can handle.? If the brain is running for a long period of time, it will become overheat like a CPU.? Then you have to let it cool down a bit before resuming your tasks.

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