There is an interview of a HK famous blogger in Mingpao today.? I am his reader sometimes.? From his site, there are some links to more quality bloggers. I read some recent entries of those bloggers, quite a variety of different thoughts.? It is like going to a buffet all you can eat of ideas.? The most interesting entry I come across is someone talk about Paul Yip, who was my chemistry teacher in LSC.? Howcome I never see him as such a good teacher, at least not as good as the blogger claim, especially the comment about he is handsome.? The only difference I can think of is that writer is a girl, so she see things differently.? Those famous bloggers get over 2000 visit every day.? They are form a closely linked circle where everyone seems to know each one through blogs.? My blog is in a much sorry state, I think I have only around 10-20 visitors daily.? The famous bloggers all have one thing in common, their blog all focus around a differentialing selling point.? Some of them write about finance, some on technology, some on leftish social movements.? A few rare exception write general things from their professional point of view, such as doctor or teacher.? It would be too boring for me to just write about one area.? Things interest general audience doesn’t always interest me, vice versa.? I find it more interesting to gather my thoughts of the day on tiny things than comment some supposingly important world affairs.? Most people don’t know me would find my blog quite boring due to a lack of a theme.? Actually the only theme of my blog is all about myself.? The articles I write weekly are targeted more to general audience, that’s why I also cross post them on TTF forums and HK indepdent media.

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