I have been following the politic in Taiwan closely these few days.? The scandel of the president, Chen Shiu Bin, has new developement when the justice department charge his wife corruption.? I have read many commentaries on the politics since the first appearance of the scandel many months ago.? I find this incident fascinating not only because it is a lime test for Chinese democracy development, it also demostrate how power works in reality.? The information is too complicate to analyze if you try to figure out who is right and who is wrong or think along the blue vs green division.? The picture comes clear when you think each player in the game is selfish individual looking to maximize his benefit.? The action sof each player then become much more reasonable, although sometimes it may not be very moral.? In this kind of game theory situation, selfishless players who has higher goal can tip the balance in the system.? The leader of the anti-president red force, Sze Ming Tak is one of those figure.? He presistance push the president into a corner so the scandel cannot easily slip away.? Then come along another selfishless player, the prosecutor of the justice department, delivers the final blow to Chen Shiu Bin.? You don’t want to be the enemy of selfishless player, since you can’t cut any deal or reason with them.? Therefore, the best way to play safe is not standing on the way of the higher goal.

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