Cafe music

I have been studying in Bread Garden this week almost every night for my exam.? The music playing in the cafe doesn’t bother me much, since once I concentrated, I can ignore all the noise around me.? Pat came to study with me tonight.? She complains the hip-hop style music playing there is really noisy, doesn’t suit the atomsphere of a cafe.? Hip-hop music should only use in clubing.? Cafe should play easy listening, jazz or lounge music.? Starbucks has a music policy, which helps build it coperate image and strengthen its brand as a premium cafe.? I suspect Bread Garden does not have any music policy, it let the staffs play whatever music they like.? Those young part-time staffs would like hip-hop, but the customers won’t appreciate the noise.? People go there usually for study or chat with friends.? They would feel more welcome if the music selection is better.? The cafe may want to drive the customer away so they can free up more tables.? But this is quite unlikely since there are many empty seats, no need to rush people out.? I think the music policy of any retail or resturant is very important to its business.

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