2nd draft of my essay

I just received the comments from my philosophy professor on the second draft of my final essay.? I think my paper is in a much better shape.? I don’t get any paragraphics crossed out by the professor.? He only asked me to elaborate some of my points that need clearer expression.? He also points out a few logically fallacies I had made.?? Actually, those are not real fallacies.? It is just my wording is unclear and makes them look like fallacies.? I rewrote those few points and my essay should be bug free.? The professor had hinted that if I can fix all the problems he pointed out and do not introduce any new problems, I may get a A for the essay.? In other words, the essay already worth a B.? I have no confidence to tighten up all the loop holes in my arguments.? Especially when my professor shows sympathy to socialism where my arguments in the paper all comes from the capitalism point of view.? In the first draft, I criticize the arguments from Marx makes no business sense.? The profossor replies that of course Marx has no business sense, he is a communists!

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