Death of a forum

I have been posting my articles and discussing social and political issues in HK indepedent media for a while. I was attracted to that place at first for its ideology. It aims to report different voices in the society that the mainstream media usually ignored. It is good to know more about the marginalized groups. It was a fair and open platform to discuss government policy in the beginning. However, slowly I found its nature changed, it is no longer indepdent. It become an alternative reality for the exterme leftist social movement supporters. Political discussion often turns into flaming war, using ad hominem attacks instead of valid arguments. I am one of the few supporters for rightist policy and became their target. If the leftist won’t compromise and unwilling to discuss logically. By using verbal violence to shutup different opinions, they are essentially committing the same mistake they are accusing the mainstream media. I am not a pacifist, I believe in force is only way to deal with the barbarians who can’t reason with. I finally understand why their voice are systemically ignored by mainstream media. If they are unreasonable to begin with, it is only a waste of time to disscuss with them. The only problem is how can we prevent the indifferent majority in the center being misled by their false ideology.

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