Consumer psychology

Today after work I went to check out ski equitment with my friend.? The guy whom I just converted from snowboard to ski thanks to my ski lessons.? He has a budget in mind, looking for some bargain deal on boot and ski.? The sales let him try out different boots and very cleverly let him try out a few expensive models.? The feel of wearing a nice boot is much better than wearing a cheap boot.? Once you have tried them out and notice the difference, it is hard to go back to the cheaper model.? Now he got a nice boot, he is tempted to get a nice pair of ski to match his boot.? A pair of $200 ski doesn’t look good on a pair of $300 boots.? At the end, the sales almost sold him equitment doubled his original budget.? Luckily my friend is not planning to get it today, so he can think again tonight and hopefully he will realize he don’t need such a fancy equitment. The next time a sales ask you to try on something above your budget, saying you don’t have to buy it, just try it out for a comparison.? Don’t falls into the trap!? You have to remeber the increment improvement does not always justify the price tag.? Buying a cheaper model and replace it every 2 years is better than buying an expensive model and use it for 4 years.

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