2nd tier competitor

We had moved our default resturant for lunch every friday from Mui Garden to North Garden. When we were paying the bill today, we bargained a 10% discount. PMC is one of the biggest group among their customers. It seems we had already forgot Mui Garden due to its lower quality of food. However, in order to maintain a health competition between the resturants, we still have to visit Mui Garden once a while to keep it alive. If Mui Garden end up closing its door due to all the customers go to North Garden, then there is no one there to keep North Garden’s food quality food in check. That is precisely what happened to Mui Garden. For a long time, it was the only eatable cafe close to work, because of the lack of competition, the food quality goes down. It goes down so much that we all ditch it once there is a better alternative. Somehow it sounds like the fate of PMC storage division as well. HP keep us as a 2nd tier provider, gives us some small order so that they can use us to bargain with LSI.

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