Next project

My current project is almost finish.? Hopefully it will be taping out next week.? The director gather the team together today and talk about our next project.? We havn’t heard much about the new project, since it is still in feasibility, the executive give it a green light.? The new project will be a scale up version of an existing product, in other words, the same old stuff again.? Somehow I am already indifference to the whether the project is on an exciting technology area or not, since this company has no really cutting edge stuff anyways.? The meeting briefly talk about the feature, the challanges, reuse blocks, die area, technology process etc.? I spoted an irony contradiction in the presentation slides.? The powerpoint included a marketing slide that compare our device with the competitors.? Under our strength, it listed PMC has strong analog expertise unmatched by other FPGA or ASIC providers.? Then in the next few slides on development details, it said that we will purchase analog IP from 3rd party vender because our in-house mix signal group is too busy to take the job.? I pointed out the contradiction and everyone laughed.? The director commented that we cannot trust everything comes from marketing, it is a marketing slide afterall.? I guess marketing has the reputation of not telling the whole truth, to the customer and to the engineers.

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