Girls in engineering

I am having lunch with a friend and we talked about? how come there are so many single female engineers.? According to the law of supply and demand, the abnormally high boy to girl ratio in engineeer faculty should let them pick all the guys they want.? My friend pointed out one fact to explain the violation of the law of supply and demand.? In engineering faculty, the guys don’t treat the girls as girls, we simply treat then as guys.? As a result, people from other faculties don’t treat them as girl as well and learnt to stay away from them.? It also seems that the lucky female engineers who able to find husbands all married to engineers.? Most male engineers learnt to stay away from female engineers.? If the girls out there are much better, why limit yourself to the supposingly competitive pool of female engineers.? Since the female engineers, who has high qualitifaction, are also very selective in looking for guys, the lucky few female engineers who happen to find a husband usually get a good guy.? These two effects combined, the market of female engineer is high in price but low in transaction.? The premium and low volumn combined further discourage other non-engineer males who have lots of choices to enter this market.? Here is my advice to all little girls studying in highschool.? If you want find your Mr. Right, get marry and live happily ever after, don’t study engineering.

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