X’mas party

Tonight is PMC’s X’mas party, or I should call it winter party to be politically correct. The politially correct thing is just totally bullshit. Who would be offended by calling X’mas X’mas? I suggest if X’mas is too religious, we can call it the Santa party, better than the lame winter pary. Everyone loves Santa Claus and he is not a religious figure. Actually, I think Santa is more important than Jesus in Christmas. Santa brings gifts to every good child, while Jesus just give us back the salvation that originally belongs to us. The company cuts back in X’mas party this year. Instead of buffet dinner, we are served a four courses meal. The food was ok, but the portion was too small. There was casino and dance following the dinner, but both events are kinda boring. Since Pat was tried, so we went home early after socializing a bit on our way out. To my surprise, Pat met a highschool friend, who is the date of a legendary guy. Pat forbids me making fun of him so that I won’t spoil their not yet started relationship. Pat was laughting all the way home, thinking it is really funny that somehow all the dates that guy ever bring to the X’mas party are her highschool friends.

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