XP is dead

My PC is dead. Somehow the partition table of the c: drive is corrupted. The good news is c: only store program executables. All my data are intact in d: and e: drive, plus all my files are backed up in my linux box. I am glad that I took the trouble to setup the backup utilities. I can still do my daily works using my laptop, which only has minial installation. Now I face a delimma. Should I spend my time re-install the old computer or should I simply setup a new machine. My computer is over 2 years old, almost time to retire. Anyways, I won’t do anything about it until I finish my exam on wednesday. It bothers me a bit my main computer is down, but it is not a show stopper. I can still do 80% of my daily task as usual, except I can’t download BT. Sigh… I feel some unfortunate today.

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