Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all my friend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wanted to send each of you an email with personalized greetings. Unfortunately my computer is crashed again! The new 1G of RAM seems not compitable with the existing 1G of RAM, causing the machine to reboot every hour. That is not a very serious problem by itself, but combine with a reboot during a disk write corrupts the partition table. The C: driver in which I have spent a whole day installing software is lost again. I don’t have my address book in my laptop, so I can not send my blessing via emails to my friend this Christmas.

I am very religious this Chrismas. I am going to attend 3 masses in 3 consective days. Yesterday, I went to the usual saturday evening mass. Tonight I went to the mid-night mass with my cousin. Tomorrow, I will go to the Christmas day mass as Pat will be directing the choir. In tonight’s homily, the priest cited a unofficial survey in the church that many Catholics think mid-night mass is the most attractive aspect of being a Catholic and I am one of them. I have no interest going to church every week, but mid-night mass is an annual ritual that I love. It is not about celebrating the birth of Jesus, it is all about the atomsphere that reminds me lots of good old memories. I enjoy going to the Mid-night mass which always gives me a hearty feeling.

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