Boxing day

December 26th is the boxing day. In this day of the year, shopping malls are packed with holiday shoppers who are looking for bargain sales and gift ideas. For those who have received gifts for the Christmas, they have to wait until this day before they can open the gift. I don’t like shopping at all, so I am not going to the mall today. However, when I went out for lunch in the afternoon, the street is jammed with traffics heading to Metrotown. The lineup going into the parking lot blocked the street three blocks away. I couldn’t understand why people love to shop in the first place and why they pick the busiest day to shop is even more puzzling to me. The discount in the boxing day sales is exaggerated. Only the clearance items the shop wants to get rid of have deep discount. There are indeed some hot items on sales, but they are usually limited in supply. Unless you line up early in the morning, you can never get the hot items. Never to say that you could not get any decent service when thousands of customers are storming the shops. The small saving in the sales doesn’t worth the trouble and lack of comfort to go shopping in the boxing day.

I didn’t receive any gifts this year, so I have no gift to open today. However I bought some toys before christmas and I was too busy to open them. I rewarded myself today by opening a new toy – Yamato Macross 1/60 YF-19. This toy is one of the most complex transform toys ever designed. It took me almost an hour to transform it carefully from fighter moid to battroid mode. I found a nice place inside my toy display cabinet for it.
VF-19 Fighter Mode  Yamato 1/60 VF-19

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  1. Is it a perfect transformation, i.e. nothing (head, hands, landing gears, etc.) are removed/detached?
    How much do you pay for it?
    Thank you

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