New Year Resolution 2007

Last year was the first time I wrote new year resolution. Looking back last year, I am surprised to find that I have accomplished most of my goals set in my new year resolution. Writing a new year resolution is a very effective way to motivate myself into action, since putting it down in words solidify your thoughts.

In 2007, there are still many things up in the air and outside of my control. I will focus working on what I can determine. I will continue to work hard in PMC, and keep up my good works from last year. Once my plan for the coming fall is finalized, I will rethink whether I want to switch job again.

I will continue practice skiing and take lessons. I will take the level 2 instructor preparation class and determine whether I can take the exam at the end of the season. In the summer, after I put away my skis, I will find a sport and force myself to exercise. I will pick up golfing again, take some advance classes and swim at least once a week.

I will continue to study philosophy part time in SFU. I want to learn philosophical theory as well as to improve my writing. I know I can be a B student, my goal is set to be an A student. I will keep joining the internet readers club, so I have friends to read difficult philosophy books together and I can share my thoughts through discussion of the books.

Last year, learn how to play piano is the only goal that is not fulfilled. I will have piano from Pat regularly every week and practice piano at least once every two days. It is quite embarrassing to be a tone deaf and knows nothing about music. If I can finish the two beginner piano lesson books, I will take the grade 1 exam, so that I can proudly say I know how to play piano.

I have moved my website to a new hosting company. I am not going to run my own linux sever, which is too much trouble. After I re-organize the files in my XP PC, I will reinstall linux on the old PC for experiment purpose. I am going to create a nice theme for my blog, that will have a better interface. Having a nice website is the first step to become a popular blogger. I will keep writing articles or blogs everyday. I will cut down the time I spent in useless debate on the web, and use the time to write quality articles instead. I have to remind myself that I go there to refine my thoughts, not to win any arguments.

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