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horace.org spring renovation

7th Apr 2009 - 11:11am Daily Scribble
Winter is over, spring has come.  Time is passing fast, a quarter of the year already over.  One of my new year resolution is to renovate my website.  It is about time to start my spring renovation project.  Just like any…

New Year Resolution 2009

1st Jan 2009 - 12:11am Daily Scribble
Last year, I did not make any new year resolution. My attitude towards new year resolution swings between two extremes. In some years, I think it is a great motivator, but in other years, I think it is totally useless. Last year I have accomplished…

New Year Resolution 2007

31st Dec 2006 - 01:11pm Daily Scribble
Last year was the first time I wrote new year resolution. Looking back last year, I am surprised to find that I have accomplished most of my goals set in my new year resolution. Writing a new year resolution is a very effective way to motivate myself…