Road to an author.

I suddenly have a weird idea, I am thinking about writing a book about skiing in chinese. There is no books on this topic exist in HK, so I can fill the niche market. I have this inspiration when I just came across a really crappy book written by somone with merely a private pilot license. I am a ski instructor, although only the lowest level, but good enough qualification to sell the book. There are many misconception about skiing in HK public and introducting this sport to them could be quite interesting. I will first write about why I love skiing in the introduction. In the main content, I can start with how to select equipment, from clothings to boots, binding and skis. The next chapter will be tips on skiing, this section is probably make up of half the content of the book. I can recycle what I have learnt from my instructor training and my skiing lessons. I can also write an appendix on snowboarding, breifly touch on the difference between these two sports. I can insert some side-bars about history of skiing, famous skiers, trivia knowledge etc. I can easily search up those information can from google and wiki. The final section introduce famous ski resort around the world. Too bad I can only rely on 2nd hand information, it would be great if I have first hand experience on those resorts. That maybe an easy way to become an author.

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