Why I blog?

One of the largest blogging site in HK, mysinablog, recent published a book called “Why we blog?”.  The book invited the top ranked bloggers in the website write about why they write blogs.  It also has some samples from their blogs.  I visit those blogs quite freqently and I admire how well the articles are written in those blogs.

I think I had wrote about why I blog a long time ago.  At that time, I just want to capture some of my thoughts that would otherwise be forgetten.  Now, I think my motivation of writting is changed.  Not only I want my blog as the grabbage dump of my brian.  I want to write articles that can attract and retain readers.  I am aspired by those highly ranked blogger who turned their blogs into publication.  In order to archive this goal, giving my website a pretty interface is not enough.  I have to improve my writing skills, refine my writting and type faster!  I definitely don’t want blogging consume most my time, ideally I can finish an article in under half hour.  My reviews on anime, movies, books, CDs will still make up a large portion of the contents.  I will also write articles about computer, as I progress in setting up my linux server and website.  Philosophy and religion interested me most, but I can only afford to write those articles once a while.  Since those writtings are very time consuming and require lots of research.  I am still thinking about whether should I write comments on news I read from newspaper.  First, the news, usually from HK newspaper, may not be very interesting to most of my readers.  Second, I need to comment the news in a way that differtiate me thousands of the columnists out there.  I don’t want to just merely repeat what other says.  However, writing news commentary would force me to think creatively and probably can most numbers of readers if my writing is good.

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