I haven’t played badminton for almost a year. I used to play every week some colleagues from Mainland China, but I have to stop due to conflict of schedule with my philosophy class. Last night I have a badminton game with some other friends from work. We went to a really nice badminton center in Richmond. It is modified from a warehouse. It is very large, with more than twenty badminton courts. The lighting is every even and the walls are painted green, so the birdie is easy to see. The court floor us professional non slippery badminton court material, much better than the usual gym wooden floor in community center. Best of all is it only charges $13, only $1 more expensive than renting a court in community center.

I have been playing badminton since high school, but I never have any formal training. My skill cannot improve no matter how often I practice without knowing the right foot movement and the right way of holding the racket. There are group lesson offered in that badminton center, $99 for 8 lessons, not a bag deal. When I sign up for the lesson, the coach gave me a badminton test. We played for 10 minutes, actually I was played by the coach who made me running back and forth to return the birdie. The coach said I am good enough for intermediate lesson, so I pay the tuition fee at once to reserve a spot. Let’s see how much will I improve after 2 months of badminton lessons.

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  1. Good for you. I always want to sign up for badminton lessons… just that I am too lazy. What’s the instructor-student ratio for the one you have signed up?

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