Murder vs suicide

When I was fixing something with a screw driver yesterday, my hand slipped and I have a long but shallow cut on my wrist. Today I show the cut to my friends, joking that I was trying to commit suicide by cutting my wrist. My friend point out at once it can not be a suicide attempt. She reason that when someone try to kill himself, he would have to cut his wrist a few times before he can slide open his artery. Just think about the mental stress and pain one has to go through before killing himself, it would be surprise if he cut it right the first time. I asked how come she know all about this. She said she learn it from watching CSI. In one episode, the police concluded the victim is murdered instead of suicide from a clean wrist cut. Now I know if I want to murder someone and pretend it to be a suicide case. I need to cut the wrist a few more times to make it more real.

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