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Treo 680 Finally, it is time for my trusty old Nokia cell phone to retire.  I am probably the only person amoung my friends still using a black and white phone.  My old Nokia has been abused by me so much that the volume button is no longer functional and there is a big crack on the screen.  I wanted to get a new cell phone for quite some time, but I hang on to my old Nokia since I havn’t seen any phone I like.  I want an all-in-one cell phone with PDA and camera, mp3 player.  I personally dislike Microsoft, so the Pocket PC phones are out of question.  The Treo 650 released a couple years ago almost meet my requirement, except I don’t like the atenna.  Now the new Treo 680 exactly matches all my criteria.

I have been a long time Palm Pilot user, owned 3 generation of Palms .  I only stop using after my Palm V broke down and I sometimes I still missed it.  The Treo 680 runs Palm OS, so I feel right at home.  The setup follows the good Palm tradition, which is very easy.  After I insert the sim card, the Palm is up and running in no time.  Treo 680 has a known bug that the camera does not know how to turn off itself and keep draining the battery.  There is a patch avaiable on the Palm website, download and install the patch solves the problem.  I have another delimma, I switched to Thunderbird to store my contacts a while ago.  Luckily there is an extension that sync the Thunderbird address book with my new Palm.  However, I still cannot sync up my calender and tasks list from Sunbird.  That is just some minor nuisance, I don’t use the calender and tasks list that often anyways.

After I get done with the basic setup, it is time to install extra software.  It took me a long time searching the net for a Chinese OS with crack.  It is the most important software on Palm, without it I can’t use Chinese applications.  I also need a dictionary, a Chinese / English bible, a scientific calculator, star chart and some games.  I havn’t download other programs yet but I don’t worry about that too much, since there are freeware or open source aviable.  With all those programs in the configuration, my new Palm is pretty much has the same stuffs as my old Palm.

I can download all the software for free, but I will have to pay for the extra hardware I need.  The Treo 680 comes with a wired hand free headset, but I want to have a wireless blue tooth headset.  I need an 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack converter so I can connect the Palm with my car stereo or headphone.  At last, I also need a 2G SD card to store music and photos.

The only complain I have about my new Palm is that it is locked with my wireless carrier.  After I finish setting it up, I will search for ways to unlock my Palm so that I can use it in Europe or HK.

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