Practical Joke

In grade school or junor high, people love practical jokes. If the joke is harmless, at least physically, it is nothing but some nonsense fun. However I can’t believe someone who is in his mid-thirties still play practical jokes pulling the chair when someone trying to sit down. Yes, I was the victim this time and luckily I was not hurted. Actually, it is my own fault, I should be more aware of that baka colleague. You just can’t let your guard down one second when he is around. It is not the first time his stupid jokes offended friends in the group. I am just the lastest name added to the long list. I won’t even bother to demand for an apologize, since we all know he is shameless, never will, probably not able to, express any sense of sorry to anyone. Judging from his past records, you cannot trust him he to be mature enough to distinguish when is ok to have fun or when is not. I suspected he does not have any awareness about the responsibility of his own action. So you can’t really upset with someone who is simplily retarded. You can only feel sorry for him, maybe pray for him if you are religious. Well, maybe God can’t do much about him except writting him off as a counter example for the rest of us. Nor you can ignore him, he is just part of your work life. Just like everything else in life, it is full of unpredictable events. The only thing you can do is always be prepare and react fast to stay way from harms. The moral of this story is thy shoult never get close to that guy. I had paid my price for not listening to the advice of the previous victims. It is really my own fault.

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