I went to shopping with Pat this afternoon.  Unfortunately, after spending 3 hours in the mall, the only thing I bought is a polo shirt.  Not a very productive shopping trip.  I first went to Mountain Equiment Co-op then head towards Park Royal.  This two places has totally different shopping style.  I feel very comfortable selecting clothings in Mountain Equiment Co-op, while I am quite uneasy finding the right clothings in Park Royal.  I don’t know much about the clothings in general.  The clothings in Moutain Equiments are all functional, there are specification for me to look up.  I can compare their water-proof, warm-keeping, breathness, price then make an objective judgement.  On the other hand, the selection criteria of the clothings in Park Royalother is subjective.  I know what kind colour I like and whether the clothes is comfortable or not, but I can never tell I bought the right clothes.  If clothing style is purely subjective and there is no dispute on tastes, then at least I don’t have to care what others people think about my clothes.  But this is obviously not the reality, people judge you by what you wear.  Yet there is no objective rules to capture how people may judge you.  To make it worst, try to use statistic approach by simpily getting the most common fashion style won’t work.  Fashion is something contradictary on its own, it has to follow the trend, but at the same time blame the lack of uniqueness or character.  Almost policy in the old communist China is wrong, but at least they have done one thing right by making everyone wear the same style uniform everyday everywhere.  This policy is probably the only way to my problem in clothes shopping.  Ok, I do agree the Mao style unifrm is ugly.  Maybe we can fix the system by hiring some top fashion designers to make a better looking uniform.

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