I have the regular maintance for my Volvo and the dealer gave me a 2007 S60 as the service car.  It is nice able to test drive a S60.  The S60 is smaller than my S70.  Actually it is so small that it doesn’t feel like a Volvo.  The handling and control is very Volvo like, a big car with lots of momentum.  I don’t like the interior design.  The middle section with the radio control panel and gear shift is too big.  The interface for the AC and radio is not very user friendly.  The buttons and knobs are too small and left too much empty space on the panel.  S60 pretend to be stylish by making the top of the car narrower than the body, as a result the inside of the car is not very roomy.  There is a very interesting feature of this car.  There is button to fold down the head rest of the back seats, so it won’t block the rear window.  When the head rest is release by unlocking the spring, so it can snap forward.  If someone is sitting at the back, his head will be spanked.  I tried it during lunch time when I was giving a ride to my friends.  I guess it is quite a useful feature to spank the naugty kids at the back.  In short, I found the S60 is not very comfortable.  Although my S70 is a older model with the box-shape design, I think it is a much better car than the new S60.

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