Friday lunch

Every friday, I go out to have lunch with my friends at work to take a break from the office.  Yesterday when we were heading out, one of my friend complains that how come we always go to the same resturant every week.  Indeed, we have been going to the same resturant for so long that I can’t remember when we start going there.  In the past, we used to have to decide where to have lunch in the parkage.  Nowadays, no one even bother to ask the same question.  We just hop into the car, drive to the same resturant like robots programmed to follow with the same route.  I have come up with a few theory trying to explain our repetitive and boring behaviour.  1.  We are boring engineers who can go to the same resturant weeks after weeks.  2.  We are lazy engineers who don’t even bother to think about where to eat.   3. We are getting old, so we become more conservative and reluctant to try new things.  4.  The group used to have an authoritative figure who like to try out new resturants, so we just follow her commands.  After she is married and moved down to the States, our choice for lunch shrink continuously until it finally narrowed down to the one and one only default resturant.  5.  The group has an annoying figure who complains loudly everytime we try something new or go to some other resturants.  Since most of us don’t really care where to eat, we just let him take over the lunch decision.  6.  All of the above.  There are many resturants around the office, why do we have to go to the same resturant every week?  That is my question for the week.

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