Why praise the Lord?

Why praise the Lord, this question has been puzzling me for many years. I went to church since I was a kid, but I never understand why man should praise the Lord. Of course I know the model answers given to me from the church. There are two typical responses. The first response is something like thou shalt praise God because it is written so in the Bible, thou shalt glorify him, honor him as a good Christian. The second response is as mundane as superstitious beliefs in Africa, you have to praise God, so that God will bless you, reward you with good fortune and protect you from evil spirit. These two responses didn’t really answer my question. Is it like asking why I should buy this product, the sales answer me because it is on sales. The church never tell me the reason and the meaning of praising the Lord. If God is omni potent and omni scenes, he won’t get angry or lose any of his glory even if we don’t praise him. If God is justice and omni benevolent God, he won’t favor those who praise him, he will treat and love everyone equally. In short, there is no need to praise God.

Today in the mass, when I was waiting to have the communion and hearing the choir singing, “I will always praise you, I will always praise you…”, suddenly I have an insight why should I praise the Lord. One should treat God just like anyone else, you should praise him if he done something good, criticize him if he done something wrong. God did many good deeds to us, so we should praise him. Praise is neither a duty nor a mean to exchange for something. Praise is just a praise. It is that simple. The church and Bible’s teaching has confused me all these years.

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  1. Mr. Hevangel,
    Why praise Yaweh? Imagine this scenario: you buy a puppy dog and bring her into your home. You care for her, feed her, and give her the very best; you love her and she loves you back. Then one day, she grows up and becomes very bad. She rips up all your clothes, attacks your wife, gnaws your son to death, purposely poops on your bed, makes a total mess out of your house, and barks nonstop at nite to totally annoy you. You’re super mad, and if justice was served, you have the right to kill that damn dog! However, you’re such a loving guy that you forgive the dog because you love her and desire her to love you back. What a dumb, stupid, worthless dog! Shouldn’t the dog rightfully praise you for your infinite grace?

  2. Hi Donkey,

    Thanks for you comment. Actually, according to the law of Canada or HK, I don’t have the right to kill the dog no matter how bad it is. Dog killing is illegal and animal abuse brings criminal charges. Moreover, it is dumb to desire a dog to love you in the first place, it is more dumb to desire the dog to praise you. Owner and dog is not a good analogy for relationship of God and man. I prefer the analogy of father and son. God’s love to man is like father’s love to the son no matter how bad the son is, it is unconditional love. Actually, it is God’s duty to love man, just like it’s the father’s duty to love the son.

  3. Would this be a good analogy? Being a good son, you respect and appreciate what your father has done all the years. This is all in your heart, much like you know God loves you and you love God at the bottom of your heart. Out of your love to your father, you treat him from time to time, e.g., go to dinner with him, buy him a gift on his birthday. You do all these out of your heart because you love your father. I think you can’t do that to God. Instead, you praise Him.

  4. Mr. Hevangel,
    You have such interesting thoughts. I agree that it is dumb for a man to love a dog. But if you think it’s dumb for a man to love a dog, then you can probably start to see it is equally dumb for God to love a man. Besides man, God also created trees, birds, elephants, and mosquitoes. I don’t think God has a duty to love mosquitoes; likewise, he doesn’t have a duty to love man, but he choses to! When Satan tarnished God’s masterpiece, God had the right to wipe out both man and Satan forever at that moment, but instead he choses to love us which doesn’t make any sense at all. Therefore, I think we ought to praise him for his senseless love.

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